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Swimming encourages confidence, strength and coordination in a child. It helps to improve emotional and physical well-being.

Dance is an art of expression. A child should be able to express himself through dance and the arts. Through dance, children learn patterns as readily as they learn language. They learn to interpret the effect their movements have on the world around them. They learn to control and coordinate their body movements. Dance promotes creativity.

Karate teaches a child self-discipline, respect and self-confidence. A child learns self-defense too.

Through Chess, children develop problem-solving skills. Chess helps concentration, improves memory and helps children to think strategically.

Practical experiences with reading, measuring and following directions, can be gained through cookery. It helps to develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and an adventurous palate. Cookery encourages children to explore with their senses. At home it enables family time, which leads to bonding.

Class excursions are an important aspect of a child’s learning. Through field trips, a child’s knowledge of concepts taught in class, is reinforced.

Children’s sense of imagination is heightened through folk tales. It also improves their communication skills and helps children to discover a love of stories. Folk tales teach right from wrong too.

The importance of sports cannot be over-emphasized. Sports improves physical activity, self-esteem and lifelong health. Of course it improves academic success as well as social skills.