Mrs. Eunice Umesi
Head, Nursery Section

Welcome to Hopespring Foundation School Nursery Section! Every day, each child is met with age appropriate challenges, adventures, passionate and fun loving teachers. Here, every child is encouraged to blossom at his or her own pace into moral, happy and productive individuals.

We take delight in witnessing the physical, emotional and social growth of each child. In the Nursery Section, children develop a sense of self and self-confidence, share responsibility and make lifelong friendships. We have well experienced teachers, who are passionate and willing to try out new things in order to recognize and nurture each child’s gifts, helping them to set goals and experience the magic of learning. Our goal is to build a partnership with our families to become part of a community filled with laughter, love and learning.

We understand the importance of Nursery school as the foundation of every child’s formal education – a time when children form positive impression of school and begin to recognize the joy of learning. We help our children to establish the roots for future success through a comprehensive curriculum that is balanced with opportunities for exploration, play and celebration of cultural diversity, thereby, developing a total child.

We provide a stimulating and safe environment that fosters growth of a child. We provide a programme that gives the children an opportunity to develop the skills, self-reliance and attitudes they will need to maximize their creative potential and learn to navigate the world around them. The subjects we teach are inter-connected and allows the children explore concepts in English Language Art, Mathematics, Science, Circle Time, Thinking Skills, and Rhyme/Story Time. Enrichment classes are Fine Art, Cookery, Music, Dance, Swimming, Field Trips and Karate.

We invite parents with children from ages 3 – 6 to take advantage of the many opportunities to actively engage in their child’s school experience.

We encourage you to come and experience the magic of learning and the joy of growing up that our children experience daily.

Thanks for your interest in our creative and lovely school.

Best regards,
Mrs. Eunice Umesi (Sectional Head, Nursery Section)