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Choosing HFS

Welcome to Hopespring Foundation School! We would love to tell you all about HFS, and why you should make it your school of choice, but wouldn’t it be better to hear it from the people who know HFS best – our families, staff, pupils and ex-pupils.


From an unenviable number of 6 children and 4 staff in the Pre-Nursery section, HFS has grown to a school numbering over 400 pupils and 84 staff members spanning 19 years (from 2005), HFS has helped to groom children and adults into happy people and positive thinkers.

Take a Look at Our Values

Perhaps, one of the things we value most at HFS, is family. We believe that family is everything! As a school, we work to strengthen the bond between parents and their children. How, you may ask.

HFS strives to make parents an integral part of the children’s daily learning experiences. You find parents taking part in school functions like Field Trips, Cookery classes, Academic competitions, Character Counts programmes, and a lot others.

At HFS, we value our staff. We train them to add value to the lives of the children they care for. We believe that our staff are equipped to provide the best support for the pupils academically, emotionally and socially, with an eye towards opening the doors to a friendly world, a world of possibilities.

Here, we value our pupils. We encourage them to be themselves. We care for children with all kinds of temperaments and peculiarities. We believe that every child is special. Every child is intelligent. All a child needs, is an opportunity to discover himself. At HFS, we give every child the chance to view the world through his own eyes, and to discover a whole new world.

We value relationships. Through social events, we connect families, and encourage them to take their relations beyond school functions like Saturday exercises, PTA End of Year parties, and PTA meetings. Through HFS, families have bonded and remained friends long after their children graduate or they relocate to other parts of the world.

We value culture. Fridays at Hopespring are a testimony to this claim. Not only do the pupils and staff, wear traditional outfit, we also have folktale Fridays, where parents and staff participate in story-telling with African backgrounds. These stories allow the pupils to see in their mind’s eye, a typical African setting. Moral values are also imparted on the listeners, and questions are asked, to ensure the children understand the theme of the story told.

We value learning. We believe that a human being is forever learning new things. We do not ascribe education to the classroom alone. Our wide curriculum enables the pupils to be versatile in all areas. If a child does not learn through dance, he learns through art, music, karate, sports or swimming.

We value society. We teach our children, from an early age, to give back to the society. HFS pupils can be seen sometimes, on a planned tour of their immediate environment, cleaning up street drainages, or sharing fliers in celebration of different positive character traits.

Hopespring Foundation School offers education that is all-encompassing, so that our pupils translate their learning, to their immediate families, and to the society at large. At the end of their time at HFS, our pupils are well equipped to be confident young people.

They learn the pillars of good character.

They understand that everyone is beautiful and unique.

They respect and tolerate cultural and ethnic differences.

They learn the culture of giving back to society, family and self.

They learn self expression and passionate involvement in any pursuit.

We would like to meet you. Why not visit our lovely school and experience the delightful and constant bustle of activity that goes on here. We will be waiting to receive you!

Hopespring Foundation School was established in April, 2005 having ‘Creche (dove) and ‘Pre-school” (Canary & Ladybird) with just 6 pupils. We did not open to all classes at inception but grew with our pioneer pupils till we got to Primary five in 2012/2013 session. The school produced its 1st set of graduates to secondary school in July, 2013. We have over 400 pupils presently enrolled; with 84 staff strength.


ADDRESS:      2, Ngara Igo Street Off NTA Road, Mgbuoba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. PHONE: +234 814 0062 788, +234 803 761 0200 EMAIL: hopespringfoundationschool@yahoo.com SITE: www.hopespring-fs.com.com