Pre Nursery Section



Mrs. Joy Ekoko
Head, Pre Nursery Section



Welcome to pre-school. Each day is filled with lots of fun. Recognizing that solid foundation is the key. Passionate qualified teachers are always on ground to give the necessary support to the youngsters (3 months to 1 year). Here our adorable children are provided with a wide variety of educative resources to explore with the aim of growing into happy adults who will be problem solvers.

Pre-Nursery staff are privileged to have your children in our school. What a joy witnessing their growth and sharing in their joyful discovery.

This is a critical time to lay the groundwork for building character. Therefore the children are equipped with the traits of the six pillars – CARING, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, CITIZENSHIP, TRUSTWORTHINESS, FAIRNESS.

Young children are curious about the world in which they live as such, we help pre schoolers establish the roots for the future. They engage in the following activities.

These subjects are taught in fun and interesting ways using the eight intelligences.

We encourage you to join us in this love - filled environment where we believe in the holistic development of children.


Pre-nursery section is made up of three arms namely; Dove (3months – 1 year olds), Canary (1 year olds) and Ladybird (2 year olds).

Our view of curriculum is comprehensive – encompassing all aspects of growing and learning. Here are the subjects we do.

  • Circle Time – We build the children’s self-esteem.
  • Language Development – Recognition of Letters A-Z
  • Cognitive/Mathematics – Counting numbers 1-20, recognition of numbers 1-10, place value 1-5
  • Fine Art – To enhance their creativity
  • Fine Motor – Their little fingers are strengthened for writing in the next class
  • Thinking Skills - To mold children who are problem solvers
  • Discovery – To stimulate their curiosity.
  • Rhyme/Story Time – To improve their vocabulary
  • Gross Motor – To exercise their muscles
  • Cookery Class – It cuts across all other subjects.

Circle Time

By the end of the session, the children will achieve the following:

  • Animal Sounds e.g. ducks (quack quack), dogs (woof woof) etc.
  • Shapes: Circle, square, triangle, rectangle.
  • Colours: Red, blue, green, yellow.
  • Parts of the body.
  • People around me: Friends, family.
  • Greetings: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night.
  • Home: Meaning, people that lives there, different parts of the home.
  • People that help us in the community: Police, Doctors.
  • Restaurant
  • Farm
  • Supermarket

Language Art

  • Rote reading – A – Z.
  • Recognition – A – Z
  • Matching – A – Z


  • Rote counting – 1 – 20
  • Recognition – 1 – 20
  • Matching – 1 – 20
  • Place value - 1 – 20

Thinking Skill

Spatial Relation

  • Long and short
  • Left and right
  • Far and near
  • Open and close
  • Sink and float
  • Big and Small
  • Hot and cold

Eye – Hand Co-ordination

  • Odd one out
  • Sorting and lots more.

Fine Motor

Children’s little muscles will be strengthened and prepared for writing through these activities

  • Eye – hand co-ordination activities
  • Self – help activities
  • Sand/water play and lots more

Gross Motor

Of course their large muscles are strengthened enhancing the physical development of the child through different exercises such as running, giant steps, rolling e.t.c.

Hopespring Foundation School was established in April, 2005 having ‘Creche (dove) and ‘Pre-school” (Canary & Ladybird) with just 6 pupils. We did not open to all classes at inception but grew with our pioneer pupils till we got to Primary five in 2012/2013 session. The school produced its 1st set of graduates to secondary school in July, 2013. We have over 400 pupils presently enrolled; with 84 staff strength.


ADDRESS:      2, Ngara Igo Street Off NTA Road, Mgbuoba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. PHONE: +234 814 0062 788, +234 803 761 0200 EMAIL: SITE: